Vaginal Dryness Effects More Than You Think

Oct 26, 2022
Vaginal Dryness
Let's get personal and talk about what vaginal dryness really is and what it effects. Spoiler alert - it's more then just intercourse!

Can I ask you a personal question? Is your vagina dry - as if your skin is chapped down there?  Was that question too personal? For the many women who suffer from the effects of vaginal dryness, or vaginal atrophy, it may be exactly the right question.

A normal vagina has a thin layer of clear fluid, fueled by estrogen, that keeps tissues healthy, thick, and elastic. As estrogen levels drop, the amount of moisture is reduced. This can lead to constant itching and a burning sensation during the normal course of your day making the use of toilet paper and even wearing underwear uncomfortable. Of course, it also can equate to dreaded, painful intercourse.

As women edge past their child-bearing ages, various changes in your body can cause a drop in the amount of estrogen present. These include:

-Chemotherapy treatment
-Certain medications (Anastrozole,Exemestane, Letrozole)

Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize the effects of vaginal dryness. Here are five ways to help ease the discomfort. One way will make your problem disappear altogether:

1. Don’t add to the problem – Stay away from products such as bubble baths, scented soaps, or lotions. Avoiding these items won't solve the problem but they also won't aggravate your symptoms either.

2. Set the mood – Take the time to make sure you are fully relaxed and aroused before engaging in sexual intercourse. This alone can help reduce pain. Then you and your partner can make applying lubricants part of the foreplay.

3. Lube in or around – From lubricants to suppositories to pills, these aids are a good way to ease daily discomfort. Much like chapstick, they will sooth your skin but regular reapplication will be necessary.

4. Find balance – Hormone Replacement Therapy helps level out your hormones, including estrogen. This can lead to more moisture and less irritation. 

5. Get your natural juices flowing again. For good -  The MonaLisa Touch is a simple laser treatment used to stimulate collagen production in vaginal tissue. Virtually painless, the five-minute procedure rehydrates your vagina, leading to healthy moisture levels after just one visit. The full course of treatment is only three visits to the doctor approx. six weeks apart. With no down-time, this long-lasting solution is worth exploring.

If you're becoming increasingly uncomfortable due to dryness, it may be time to do something about it. Choose to return to a lifestyle you can enjoy by visiting us at Glow Anti-Aging Center and Medical Spa. Interested in learning more about your options? Give us a call!